Villa Fegotto

Giuseppe & Irene

Enchanting journey in the heart of Sicily: a wedding at Villa Fegotto

Giuseppe & Irene, 24 August 2019

On a serene late summer day, beneath the blue sky of Sicily, an enchanting and unforgettable wedding unfolded. Giuseppe and Irene wove the fabric of their love story in a romantic journey through the enchanting land of Iblean Baroque. The venue, Villa Fegotto, an ancient manor nestled among olive groves, became the perfect backdrop for this unique romantic wedding. Blooming prickly pears and centuries-old olive trees inspired the colour palette: cactus green, living coral, copper, with touches of blush and white to create a charming contrast.

The wedding welcomed guests from every corner of the globe, turning the event into a fascinating melting pot of cultures and traditions. A passport-themed invitation and a boarding pass for RSVP enclosed within an ancient map of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, anticipated the journey.

The majestic Cathedral of Ragusa Ibla with its scenic staircase, hosted the religious ceremony. The portrait session was a visual journey inside Ragusa’s Villa, offering a spectacular panorama of the Iblei Mountains’ valleys.

Villa Fegotto, with its preserved surroundings, captured the essence of the rustic chic wedding style. Wood, wrought iron, natural silk, and lace harmoniously blended, creating a timeless atmosphere of elegance.

The catering, by the Michelin-starred Chefs of Squiseating, delighted palates with a culinary journey through the authentic flavours of Sicily. Each dish told stories of ancient traditions, enveloping guests in an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

And so, within the historical walls of Villa Fegotto, with the scent of olive trees and jasmine in the air and the warmth of Sicily in their hearts, Giuseppe and Irene celebrated their love in a night that will remain etched in everyone’s memory as a charming chapter in an endless journey. A wedding that smells of Sicily, rich in emotions, meticulous details, and unparalleled uniqueness.