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Since pre-Christian times, go to the altar with a bouquet of myrtle or herbs, forerunners of the bouquet as we understand it today, was considered auspicious as a symbol of fertility, purity and abundance. In the Middle Ages, however, other than floral decorations! The bride held a needle and thread in her hands as a symbol of dedication to family and household chores. The tradition of adorning the head with orange blossoms originated in the Arab world, and it was with the Arab invasions in the 1400s that this practice spread to Italy.
only in Renaissance times that brides held lilies, a symbol of purity, and small bouquets of wildflowers in their hands.

The most famous bride who opted for an orange blossom garland in the
day of her wedding was Queen Victoria in 1840.

Over the years, the bouquet has become an indispensable accessory to enrich, and define the look of the bride, but at the same time it is one of the most difficult decorative elements to choose. First of all, the bouquet must perfectly match the chosen dress, both in shape and color. A simple white or ivory dress pairs well with a whimsical, boldly hued bouquet. A dress that is itself sophisticated will only need to be matched with an essential bouquet in neutral or pastel shades. In addition to the bride’s gown, the bouquet should be in keeping with the floral decorations of the church and the venue where the reception will take place and perfectly matching the color palette chosen to unify all decorative elements.

The bouquet should also last all day and be manageable since the bride will hold it from the entrance into the church until the traditional bouquet toss at the end of the evening. Finally, if your wedding budget is limited, choosing an arrangement of seasonal flowers will help you limit your expenses.

This post is devoted to the different types of bouquets divided according to form.


The round bouquet is a timeless classic, perfect for any type of bride and suitable for any type of dress. Round-shaped bouquets are often monochromatic and formed by a single type of flower. Peonies and roses are the most popular varieties. If you, too, have been captivated by this romantic bouquet but don’t want to give up a creative touch, go for a super colorful round bouquet embellished with succulent.


The perfect bouquet for country-style weddings and for all brides who love nature and simplicity. The flowers used for this arrangement will look freshly picked and tied together by a white or colored ribbon. The result will be a fresh and light bouquet perfect for slim brides. In addition to the compact bouquet, there is also a “hand-tied” version whose flowers are lightly tied together. Daisies, chamomile and lavender are the perfect flowers for this type of bouquet.


Among the most scenic choices, the cascading bouquet deserves the top spot. Elegant and refined, full of colorful flowers, it draws all the attention to itself, making it the perfect match for simple, understated dresses and, given its large size, recommended for tall, slender brides.


The bundle bouquet consists of long-stemmed flowers, such as roses, lilies or calla lilies. This bouquet is perfect for brides with a slim build but at the same time tall and elegant features, who will wear 1930s-style dresses, both short and long, for their wedding day.


As the name suggests, these are fresh flower buds distributed forming a perfect sphere that is larger or smaller depending on the bride’s taste. Between each flower, a ribbon is applied that will serve to “hang” the sphere on the wrist.
definitely among the most original and alternative bouquets, suitable for all types of brides and dresses and is the most popular choice for bridesmaids and flower girls.


The asymmetric bouquet does not follow any rules. Unharmonious in shape and color, imposing, rich in foliage and a wide variety of florals, it is perfect for bohemian and country-style weddings. Most of all, the asymmetric bouquet was the most successful trend in 2017 and remains the bouquet of choice for many brides to this day.


Simple, basic, and minimal. A single flower embellished with foliage, perfect for brides who like simplicity, groomsmen and bridesmaids.


One of the latest trends is the composite bouquet, composed of individual petals that, arranged in a circular fashion and interlocked with each other, reproduce a single, large, newly blooming flower.
an original yet simple and elegant bouquet, suitable for any type of bride and perfect for bridesmaids’ bouquets.


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