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Fre the latest cake trends in recent years are them, naked c akes. Literally, the term naked cake means “naked cake” precisely because it is stripped of any sugarpaste, plastic chocolate or classic frosting coverings.

So, you may be wondering, what will these famous naked cakes look like?

It consists of sponge cake filled with cream whose excess is left free to overflow or, possibly, lightly troweled on the sides thus allowing a glimpse of the sponge cake underneath. There are no strict rules regarding the type of dough or cream used as filling: later we will see naked cakes of chocolate sponge cake or Red Velvet cakes combined with custard or cheese frosting. In short, choosing a naked cake does not mean giving up your taste in pastry. Since everything is “exposed” there are clearly no styrofoam supports to be used as is the case with American-style cakes, which means that each slice will be very tall and substantial indeed!

If the cake is "stripped" of any kind of covering to "dress" it up, we still cannot call it poor in terms of accessories.

Naked cakes are abundantly decorated with fresh or gum paste flowers, seasonal fruit, crystallized flowers, or all of these things together. However, there are also those who prefer to limit themselves to essential decorations to stay in line with a simpler style. This cake is perfect for Shabby Chic, Country or Rustic style events.

I have selected for you 10 of the most beautiful naked cakes, at least according to my personal taste. Get inspired and make your event unique with a stylish cake that is beautiful to look at and mouthwatering to eat!

My TOP 10 Naked Cakes

We begin this gallery of naked cakes with two multi-tiered cakes filled with seasonal fruits and fresh flowers. The first one is absolutely among my favorite cakes, so much so that I even included it in my inspiration board, which I tell you about here.

The next two cakes are exactly the opposite of each other. The first is what I would call a naked cake with essential decorations: just two fresh flowers and a bit of cream lightly smeared on the sides leaving a perfect glimpse of the sponge cake underneath. The other, however, consists of two rainbow cakes on top of each other for a super colorful naked cake!

Classic sponge cake and a simple flower as decoration. But this time it is not the sponge cake that is colored but the cream: this is what is called a semi-naked cake precisely because, given the abundance of cream spread on the sides, it is harder to see the cake underneath. Instead, the second cake is a semi-naked drip cake. Lots of cream that still allows a glimpse of sponge cake, a drizzle of caramel, fresh flowers, macarons and sprinkles!

Here are two naked c akes with colored sponge cakes: a Red Velvet Cake (a New York cake made famous worldwide by the TV series “Grey’s Anatomy”) and a chocolate sponge cake with fresh fruit.

And to conclude, I could not help but choose two creative and unusual ideas. A naked cake made up of many mini cakes with colorful sponge cake and lots of fresh flowers as decoration. Also-not only majestic cakes but also mini cakes in the naked style.

So if you are tired of traditional cakes, this is definitely the kind of cake for you!

Naked Cake 1: Ph Anna Hardy via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings // Naked Cake 2: Ph Ashley Cook Photography via Brit+Co // Naked Cake 3: Cake by The Baker Mama via Mon Cheri Bridals // Naked Cake 4: via Alyce Paris // Naked Cake 5: Cake by Sweet Bakes via Mon Cheri Bridals // Naked Cake 6: alita_johnson via Instagram // Naked Cake 7: Ph Jennifer Oliphant Photographer // Naked Cake 8: Ph Nicole Berrett Photography via Ruffled Blog // Naked Cake 9: Ph Thomas AE via Unsplash // Naked Cake 10: via Chloé Délice

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